For a Hefty Price, You Can Also Share Baby Yoda’s Macarons

Live your best macaron life with these officially licensed Nevarro Nummies from The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda eating macarons

In some ways, Baby Yoda — that adorable creature whose official name is “The Child” from “The Mandalorian” — is just like us. He wants to explore the world, he always wants to be a part of the conversation, an he loves eating. That last one is especially true, as we saw in the latest Mandalorian episode that aired last week.

While Mando went off on another mission, he left The Child in the care of Navarro’s school. And instead of being interested in the day’s lesson, what everyone’s favorite green baby was really interested in were some macarons he saw another student eating. Naturally, the student didn’t care to share the goods. (Would you?) But that didn’t stop The Child from using the Force to make sure he could acquire his own sweet treat.

Usually, we’re not able to indulge in things that exist in the “Star Wars” world unless we’re in some place like Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge, where you can drink Luke’s famous blue milk. But Baby Yoda’s blue macarons are available for everyone to consume. That is, as long as you’ve got a spare fifty bucks to spare. Williams Sonoma is currently selling an officially licensed version of the dessert, which means for $49.95, you too can indulge in your best space macaron life. (Just don’t take a crazy ride after eating.)

Dubbed Navarro Nummies, the website describes these space macarons as having “authentic galactic flavor” and notes that “each exquisite treat is artfully hand-piped with a rich, creamy vanilla filling.” Are space macarons the new blue milk? Baby Yoda certainly seems thinks so. But the rest of the world might not be so quick to jump on these French treats for such a high price. After all, $50 bucks only gets you twelve tiny macarons. So as exquisite as they are, if you’re planning to eat them, you better enjoy and savor each and every one.

It’s what The Child would want you to do.


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