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Former Mexican President Blasts Donald Trump Over Wall: ‘Please Grow Up’ (Video)

”Now you’re president of a great nation… Be, or try to be, a real president,“ Vicente Fox says on ”Morning Joe“

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday to ask President Trump to “please grow up.”

“Now you’re president of a great nation — of the most powerful nation in the world. Please grow up. Be, or try to be, a real president,” Fox said.

“We take you seriously,” Fox said. “As seriously that President Nieto decided not to come to the United States. It was not a mutual decision. It was our president’s decision, because we are offended.”

A meeting between Trump and Nieto was canceled on Thursday and both sides have claimed they decided not to meet.

Fox has recently compared Trump to Hitler, which “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist asked about during the interview.

“Well he’s a populist. A real populist… The way he spoke to the senators and the congressmen from U.S. Congress, it’s incredible. I mean, he’s playing around with everybody and that’s why I make the comparison,” Fox said. “When he comes to Congress and tells them ‘I need the money or the wall, I need $25 billion for the wall,’ what is Congress going to say?”

Check out the video above.