Jimmy Kimmel Is Culpable: Watch Teenage Boys Hit Their Parents for Turning Off ‘Fortnite’ (Video)

And then one grown man curses off his toddler for doing the same

Think teenage girls are bad? Watch what these boys do when their parents turn off third-person shooter video game “Fortnite,” per Jimmy Kimmel’s latest YouTube Challenge request.

Yeah, the footage from this one is really horrible. As if the cursing isn’t bad enough, like half of the young men (we’re using that phrase VERY loosely) physically attack their moms and dads for cutting off their TV power mid-match.

At the very end of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” compilation, we find out that the anger is not just for the middle- and high-schoolers when a grown man curses at his toddler for switching off his Xbox. We’ve got some advice for this dude’s wife: Flip off the cellphone camera and use the device to dial a divorce lawyer, pronto.

Watch the video above.