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Fortnite Remains Down Nearly 24 Hours After a Black Hole Wrecked Its 10th Season

Fans are left unable to play the mega-popular game

Fortnite remains down on Monday morning, nearly 24 hours after the wildly popular video game’s 10th season ended with its map being sucked into a black hole — leaving fans clamoring for its return in the process.

Here’s what happened: at about 11:00 a.m. PST on Sunday, a live event dubbed “The End” wrapped up Fortnite’s latest season with a meteor that had been lingering in the middle of the Fortnite’s island suddenly blowing up. The meteor then shot down towards the game’s map and turned into a black hole sucking up everything in its path. You can take a look at the final few minutes of mayhem below, courtesy of IGN.

Since then, gamers have been left unable to play Fortnite. They’re simply greeted by the black hole — something you can livestream here.

Details on what’s next or when the game will return have been sparse. Epic Games, the company behind the game, hasn’t responded to TheWrap’s request for comment on when players can expect Fortnite to return. Since the game’s version of “The Sopranos'” final scene, its Instagram account has been updated with several pictures of black holes. Fortnite’s Twitter icon has also turned into a picture of the black hole. Fans, meanwhile, have been left trying to figure out whether a series of numbers that approached the black hole offer clues on when its next season will debut.

There are also plenty of gamers tweeting about when the game will come back.


Early Monday, several gamers tweeted that they believe that the game’s Chinese website hinted that it’ll return later in the day.

Betting on Fortnite’s return coming sooner rather than later is probably a smart play, though; the game brought in $2.4 billion last year, according to Business Insider — or about $6.5 million per day.