‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Are Super Confused by Gender-Neutral Bathrooms (Video)

The morning show crew enjoyed a good laugh at the expense of Illinois State University’s new restroom signs

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 4:13 PM

Illinois State University has decide to make gender-neutral bathrooms a part of their campus, but “Fox & Friends” might not necessarily approve.

Hosts of Fox News’ oft-controversial morning show were caught on camera giggling at the very thought.

“Someone call the P.C. police,” said Heather Nauert, kicking off her report with the least neutral sentence imaginable. “You’re not going to believe this one.”

The panel then plastered a picture of the pink and blue signs the university is using to designate the neutral bathrooms (above), and shared another good laugh.

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One might expect that most people, especially anyone who’s seen “Ally McBeal,” might already a firm grasp on the concept of gender-neutral bathrooms, but not Fox’s Brian Kilmeade, who seemed legitimately baffled.

“I would just sit and stare, I wouldn’t know what to do!” Kilmeade said.

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“Brian’s confused by this,” Nauert added. “We’re all a little confused by it.”

On Monday, “Fox & Friends” made headlines for other reasons when one of the show’s guests advised women in the workplace to stay quiet and wear colorful clothing. Maybe it’s time for a little gender education?