‘Fox & Friends’ Blames Political Correctness for ‘Super’ Mario Losing Plumber Job (Video)

“Is it a PC thing that they’ve decided?” Steve Doocy wonders aloud about Nintendo profile update

Last Updated: September 5, 2017 @ 1:05 PM

Nintendo’s “Super” Mario is no longer working in the trades, and that’s got Steve Doocy throwing fireballs.

According to an update the video game and console manufacturer made to the character’s Japanese-language profile, Mario isn’t a plumber anymore, something Jillian Mele brought to the “Fox & Friends” table on Tuesday.

“According to his new Nintendo profile, Mario worked as a plumber, quote, ‘a long time ago,'” she said. “He now focuses on sports and racing.”

Fans want to flush that idea down the pipes — and so does Doocy.

“Why would they make the — is it a political [move]?” he asked. “Is it a PC thing that they’ve decided?”

Watch the “Fox & Friends” video here: