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‘Fox & Friends’ Blames Political Correctness for ‘Super’ Mario Losing Plumber Job (Video)

”Is it a PC thing that they’ve decided?“ Steve Doocy wonders aloud about Nintendo profile update

Nintendo’s “Super” Mario is no longer working in the trades, and that’s got Steve Doocy throwing fireballs.

According to an update the video game and console manufacturer made to the character’s Japanese-language profile, Mario isn’t a plumber anymore, something Jillian Mele brought to the “Fox & Friends” table on Tuesday.

“According to his new Nintendo profile, Mario worked as a plumber, quote, ‘a long time ago,'” she said. “He now focuses on sports and racing.”

Fans want to flush that idea down the pipes — and so does Doocy.

“Why would they make the — is it a political [move]?” he asked. “Is it a PC thing that they’ve decided?”

Watch the “Fox & Friends” video here: