Fox ‘Bones’ Up on Interactive Viral Promotion (video)

Now you can "Choose Your Own 'Bones'-venture"

Fox's marketing mavens have teamed with YouTube to let "Bones" fans spend a seemingly endless amount of time on something called "Choose Your Own

If you're a child of the 70s or 80s, you'll instantly recognize the concept hinted at by the title: Like the "Choose Your Own Adventures" books, the idea is to let surfers decide how much– and what kind of — fun "Bones" content to watch.

The first "Bones"-venture (put together by Fox Special Ops) focuses on the relationship between Hodgins and Angela — aka Hodgela. An intro YouTube clip sets up the relationship between the two characters, then lets users decide whether to explore their story via Hodgins' or Angela's point of view. YouTube technolgy embeds clickability within a clip, so users can choose which direction they want their video trip to take.

In addition to gussied up electronic press kit interview materials, surfers can also choose to take a dance break or a make-out break — fun mini-music videos featuring "Bones" cast members dancing or, well, making out. Among other things.

Fox Broadcasting marketing chief Joe Earley said this is just the start of many such clip packages.

We "definitely plan to use again on 'Bones' and other shows," Earley e-mailed MoJoe just now. "Not only is it cool, it gives us another platform for all the amazing content our teams have collected and created throughout the season."

You know you can't wait for "Choose Your Own 'Glee'-Venture: Sue vs. Will."

Check out the "Bones" dance break below, or click here to start your "Bones"-venture.