Fox Corp. Launches Verify Tool to Check Authenticity of Content, Negotiate With AI Firms 

The company is involved in discussions with other media organizations to use Verify to leverage negotiations 

Fox Corp.
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Fox Corp. launched a blockchain platform called Verify on Tuesday to help media organizations monitor how their content is used online.

The Verify tool will give media companies the ability to register content to negotiate with AI firms and verify the authenticity of content. The beta version of Verify — a website where consumers can authenticate content online that claims to be from Fox sources — launched on Tuesday. 

Fox Corp. intends to use the Verify Protocol to negotiate deals licensing content from Fox networks to AI firms. Additionally, the company is currently involved in discussions with other organizations to use Verify in order to leverage negotiations further and protect their content. 

Recently, media companies have been courted by AI firms who desire licensing deals to access content for language model training capabilities. 

The blockchain protocol was developed by the Fox Corp. technology team who worked alongside Polygon Labs, an international software development company that builds Ethereum scaling infrastructure.

An original beta version of Verify was launched internally at Fox Corp. in August and the first content to be uploaded to the protocol was Fox News’ first Republican primary debate. Since then, the company has assigned over 80,000 pieces of content to the system from Fox Corp networks. 

The company is targeting a second release of the protocol in early 2024 that will move from Polygon public blockchain to an application-specific blockchain to reduce costs. Fox Corp. intends for the protocol to be used to authenticate content from online publishers everywhere. 

This signifies a different approach to what most media organizations are doing as AI integrates itself into the industry. Just last month, Axel Springer, parent company of Politico and Business Insider, struck up a deal with OpenAI to license content. The deals that have been made thus far have not included a technological element like Fox Corp. is bringing to the table. 

However, the relationship between the media and AI is already turning tense as the New York Times has sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement on the publication’s content. 


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