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‘Fox & Friends’ Chides Trump Over Media Criticism: ‘The Press Isn’t the Enemy of the People’

”I really wish he would lose that term,“ says Brian Kilmeade

The set of “Fox & Friends” told Trump to cool down his anti-press rhetoric with two of the show’s anchors suggesting that his term “enemy of the people” to describe journalists who displeased him should be retired.

“I really wish he would lose that term,” said Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday. “It doesn’t help anybody, it doesn’t push back on the media that he wants to push back on and I think it gets too many other people aligned, it gets shrapnel with that statement because the press isn’t the enemy of the people.”

“Well I think he probably feels like they are not doing him any favors and so he doesn’t like them ultimately,” Steve Doocy offered. “But, are they the enemy of the people? I don’t think so, either.”

The morning show was dissecting an interview Trump gave to Fox News host Laura Ingraham the night before where she pressed him on why he used the term.

“When I say the enemy of the people, I am talking about the fake news,”  he said, repeating an explanation he has offered in the past. “You have news out there that is so fake.”

Trump is a regular viewer of “Fox & Friends” and routinely tweets out news and updates from the show. The line is so close that Kilmeade himself has been known to address Trump directly into the camera to offer advice from time to time.

Trump has been given regular airtime on the show since 2011 where he could float false conspiracy theories with little pushback. He most famously used the network as a platform to spread the lie that President Obama was secretly born in Kenya.

Trump continues to ring the show from the White House from time to time, where his latest ranting interview earlier this month stretched for nearly an hour.