‘Fox & Friends’ Guest Says CNN ‘Contributes to Mass Shooting’ (Video)

This came out of left field

Things took an unexpected turn on the couch over at “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday when forensic psychologist Dr. Michael Welner blasted CNN for creating a gun culture which “contributes to” mass shootings.

“I think that CNN is going to have to answer for how they demonize gun enthusiasts and how CNN contributes to mass shooting. And I believe that they do.”

The remark came in response to a segment about comments made by CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny, who suggested that most of the victims in the Las Vegas massacre were Trump supporters because they were country music fans.

“Something else I think to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters,” Zeleny said on air Monday.

Now maybe that’s an unfair generalization from Zeleny, but Welner’s comments appeared to go too far for the popular Fox News morning show.

Later on in the broadcast, a contrite looking Brian Kilmeade offered a hasty clarification.

“A short time ago we had a contributor on – Dr. Michael Welner – who said CNN contributes to mass shootings. That’s his point of view, not our point of view. He was just a guest on our show,” he said.

A CNN spokesperson declined to comment.

Watch above.