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‘Fox & Friends': Kim Jong Un ‘Probably Doesn’t Love’ Murdering People (Video)

A swift wave of mockery followed remarks by Fox News show co-host Pete Hegseth

Last Updated: May 23, 2018 @ 8:40 AM

“Fox & Friends” offered a charitable assessment of Kim Jong Un on Wednesday, suggesting that the reclusive North Korean dictator probably didn’t really like all the killing that came along with his job.

“The guy who wants to meet with Dennis Rodman and loves NBA basketball and loves western pop culture probably doesn’t love being the guy that has to murder his people all day long,” said co-host Pete Hegseth. “…Probably wants some normalization,” he added.

Hegseth — who was briefly considered to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs earlier this year — made the observation in response to a question from fellow co-host Ainsley Earhardt about why Kim was seeking a meeting.

“I think he wants a picture with the American president,” said Hegseth continuing his insights.

“He’s hungry,” said Fox News’ Steve Doocy.

Hegseth (for anyone keeping score) led the charge at “Fox & Friends” in February during the olympics when many media organizations published pieces comparing first daughter Ivanka Trump to Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong.

“The ‘Never Trump’, the hate Trump media will find every angle it can, it’s unbelievable,” he thundered on the show at the time.

The remarks received swift criticism online, with a bipartisan section of Twitter taking Hegseth to task for the Kim “just wants to fit in” analysis.

“In Kim Jong-un The Musical, the best number is his sad and introspective ballad lamenting the number of family members he had to murder,” offered Commentary Magazine’s Noah Rothman in a sarcasm drenched tweet.