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‘Fox & Friends’ Guest Compares Michael Flynn Perjury Plea to ‘Jaywalking’ (Video)

”We’ve got two fibbers“ says Fox News regular Dan Bongino

Fox News regular Dan Bongino sought to downplay news of Gen. Michael Flynn pleading guilty to charges of lying to the FBI, saying on “Fox and Friends” on Monday that “fibbing” to the FBI is basically the same as “jaywalking.”

“Where’s the beef? So far we’ve had three investigations. We’ve got two fibbers. We’ve got Flynn and [George] Papadopoulos arrested for fibbing,” said Bongino.

“It’s unquestionably a crime, but you can’t jaywalk either. The point is are you using it because it’s really a crime of national interest or are you using it to shake down Flynn, which I believe is what happened,” he added.

“Well you can’t lie to the FBI,” said Steve Doocy doing his best to rein it in.

The analysis from Bongino contrasts sharply with the more prevailing theory that the lesser charge for Flynn came in exchange for his complete cooperation with the special counsel. It’s unlikely Robert Mueller’s team would have been so forgiving without it.

Bongino, a retired NYPD officer, is such a regular guest on the network that he even has his own page on the network’s in-house blog Fox News Insider.

Watch the segment above.