‘Fox & Friends’ Praises Nancy Pelosi Ahead of Tough Speaker’s Fight: ‘She Has Helped Deliver the House’

“In this era of #MeToo, is it time to oust which would be a historic revisiting of a female Speaker?” asks Brian Kilmeade

The set of “Fox & Friends” weighed into what looks to be a nasty fight for leadership of the House Democratic majority, urging viewers and any Democratic Congressmen watching to stick with Nancy Pelosi — citing her long history of leading the caucus and resistance to Trump.

“Nancy Pelosi, whether you love her or hate her, she has helped deliver the House and kept everything together,” said show co-host Brian Kilmeade. “She has formulated a resistance. If you talk about effectiveness, you might say she’s effective.”

Kilmeade warned that it might even be dangerous to prevent the “historic revisiting of a female Speaker.”

“In this era of #MeToo, is it time to oust what would be a historic revisiting of a female Speaker?” he said. “Is this the time for Democrats to have that type of optic, and go to a Seth Moulton or Tim Ryan?”

The 78-year-old Pelosi first became Speaker of the House in 2006 and served for four years. Rather than stepping aside then, however, she decided to continue leading her party through the next eight years in the minority. Democrat’s historic wins in the House last week have placed her once again on the precipice of retaking her old office.

Many newer Democrats, however, have chaffed at her longtime grip on the party, with several pledging they would not support her in the effort. Pelosi has faced challenges in the past from restive elements of her caucus only to easily beat them back.

Kilmeade’s suggestion may have been less than genuine, however, and sounded very similar Thursday to a trollish pronouncement from Donald trump in August.

“Democrats, please do not distance yourselves from Nancy Pelosi. She is a wonderful person whose ideas & policies may be bad, but who should definitely be given a 4th chance,” said Trump. “She is trying very hard & has every right to take down the Democrat Party if she has veered too far left!