‘Fox & Friends’ Guest Blasts Waiters’ ‘Entitlement’ for Wanting Minimum Wage Increase (Video)

Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse CEO Willie Degel also ripped his employees for “going to school”

Willie Degel, the owner of the Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse chain in New York City, definitely has no interest in increasing the minimum wage for his employees.

On Monday’s “Fox & Friends,” Degel said he missed he days of professional “servants” taking pride in their work and bemoaned entitled waitstaff seeking wage increases and going to school.

“There used to be servants when I first opened years ago. People took great pride in being a servant. Today they have a more sense of entitlement,” Degel told “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt.

“Younger people, they’re not used to working,” he said. “They’re starting later, they’re going to school and then they don’t want to work and it’s tough because you meet someone who’s 23 years old and they’ve never really had a job.”

That lovely nugget about entitled waiters who have the temerity to go to school came as part of a broader denunciation of increasing the minimum wage. Degel told the the Fox News morning show that he couldn’t just raise prices because his consumers would be too dumb to understand why their steak suddenly cost more.

“If I try to raise prices, I’m doing less guests and they’re getting insulted and they’re not coming,” he said. “They’re not educated, they don’t understand what’s happening.”

Watch above.