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‘Fox & Friends’ Says Hillary Clinton ‘Shouldn’t Be Immune From Prosecution': ‘Evidence of Guilt is Overwhelming’

The cast at the Fox News morning show reminded President Trump about his pledge to ”lock her up“

The set of “Fox & Friends” turned to a familiar subject Thursday morning — Hillary Clinton.

With longtime legal guru Andrew Napolitano, the cast on the couch yammered that it still wasn’t too late for President Trump to prosecute his former rival.

“She shouldn’t be immune from prosecution because she ran for president and lost or because her last name is Clinton,” said Napolitano. “The evidence of guilt is overwhelming, the statute of limitations in ten years … There’s evidence of serious felonies on her part.”

“Why doesn’t Jeff Sessions do it?” demanded show co-host Steve Doocy.

“You’re asking the wrong person,” Napolitano sighed. “I’ve been asking the attorney general to do this for months and I wish he would.”

For what it’s worth, Napolitano offered the critics view as well, saying that those opposed to prosecuting Clinton are likely willing to look past her guilt to avoid the “banana republic” appearance of a victorious presidential candidate jailing a defeated one.

Trump — as we all know — is a regular “Fox & Friends” viewer and it’s hard not to wonder if the segment was a deliberate reminder for him about his “lock her up” campaign pledge. With Trump’s “Fox & Friends” tweets often coming in real time during the show, it looks like he didn’t take the bait today.

“Prediction on Hillary. Justice department will not seek her indictment. Contrary to all reason,” Napolitano said dejectedly at the end of the segment.

“We already know that,” added co-host Ainsley Earhardt.