‘Fox & Friends’ Slams Trump for Mocking Kavanaugh Accuser: ‘He Chose to Blow It’ (Video)

The president ripped into Christine Blasey Ford during a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday

“Fox & Friends” took Donald Trump to task on Wednesday, with host Brian Kilmeade chiding the president (and regular show viewer) over his decision to mock Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford while at a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday.

“The tactic of the president laying low has been lauded by all sides,” said co-host Kilmeade. “Last night he chose to blow it as the FBI is handing in the report as early as today. As much as the crowd loved it, I wonder about the wisdom tactically of him doing that.”

Though Trump has taken a gingerly approach to the Ford accusation for the last two weeks, he opened up with vigor against her on Tuesday, offering a full Trumpian performance before a cheering crowd in Southaven, Mississippi. Trump laced into Ford, mocking her testimony before the Senate judiciary committee.

“How did you get home?” the president asked, impersonating prosecutor Rachel Mitchell.

“I don’t remember,” he said as Ford.

“How did you get there?” Trump went on as Mitchell.

“I don’t remember,” he said again as Ford again.

And so it continued.

The set of “Fox & Friends” and much of the network took a cautious approach when Ford’s allegation against Kavanaugh began to percolate. Over time — and as more women have come forward — network talking heads have become increasingly skeptical.

“This all has a whiff of a political smear masquerading as a sexual assault allegation,” said Laura Ingraham on set last month. “It’s impossible to prove a negative and questioning Ms. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh on this matter.”