‘Fox & Friends’ Host Bashes Trump’s Military Parade: ‘Seems Like a Waste of Money’ (Video)

Surprise! POTUS’ favorite morning show throws cold water on his pet project

A military parade might seem like the perfect opportunity for some Fox News triumphalism, but on the set of “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, show co-host Brian Kilmeade wasn’t having it.

“I dunno, seem like a waste of money,” he said in a brief aside. His co-host Steve Doocy had some kinder words.

“There are a lot of people at the Pentagon who would love to show off all the equipment and the personnel,” he said.

Yesterday, news emerged that President Donald Trump had asked the Pentagon to stage a full-scale military parade in Washington, D.C., sometime this year. Trump supposedly got the idea after visiting France and watching that country’s annual Bastille Day celebration last July.

The United States has not staged a military parade since George H.W. Bush ordered one to commemorate soldiers returning from the Gulf War in 1991.

The sight of tanks and troops rumbling in the nation’s capital has historically been a rare as the practice is generally associated with the Communist military pageantry of the Soviet Union, China and, in more recent times, North Korea.

While Fox News would likely give the parade wall-to-wall-to-wall coverage, the Kilmeade aside suggests that the praise may not be universal on the president’s favorite television show.