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‘Fox & Friends’ on ‘California Craziness': Now ‘You Can Be Illegal and Wasted on Marijuana’

Segment suggests show co-host Ainsley Earhardt may not be up on current weed lingo

“Fox & Friends” kicked off 2018 in characteristic form, running a segment Tuesday warning viewers about the danger of illegal immigrants and marijuana — and the possibility of both.

“Not only if you’re illegal you’re welcome in California, also if you want to get high, you’re welcome there too,” said show co-host Ainsley Earhardt. “So you can be illegal and wasted on marijuana and live in that state and be just fine.”

The moment suggested Earhardt may not be up on the most current weed lingo.

The segment with co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy focused on news that beginning on Monday California became the latest state to allow legal sale of small amounts of recreational marijuana.

The hosts took a dim view of the matter, lumping the issue together with California’s decision to also become the nation’s first “sanctuary state” for immigrants without proper documentation.

The designation, officially signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, makes it illegal for state and local law enforcement to ask about immigration status or assist in federal immigration raids.

The Fox News segment was titled “California Craziness.”

“They are not immigrants, immigrants are allowed to be here, illegal immigrants aren’t,” said a visibly annoyed Kilmeade. “They snuck in, that’s a little dissemination. So now if you are in a public school, public library, health care facility, they are safe zones from Donald Trump. They say it’s you against Donald Trump.”

Watch above.

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