‘Fox & Friends’ Warns Trump Against Declaring National Emergency: ‘It Would Just Be a Disaster’

“The next president, if it is a liberal president, will say a state of emergency will be climate change,” host Brian Kilmeade says

The set of “Fox & Friends” urged Donald Trump on Thursday to avoid declaring a national emergency to build his wall along the Mexican border, with co-host Brian Kilmeade warning that it would make the U.S. look “inept” and set a dangerous precedent for future presidents.

“It would just be a disaster in the big picture and just show us being inept and unable to govern around the world, and it would just set a terrible precedent,” Kilmeade said of the idea, citing comments made earlier on set by “Resurgent” editor Erick Erickson.

“The next president, if it is a liberal president, will say a state of emergency will be climate change. Look at what happened with [Hurricane] Sandy. Look at what happened with the earthquake. Look at what happened to the polar bears, they have no place to walk on ice,” he said.

With the government shutdown now in its third week, President Trump has publicly weighed whether to declare a state of emergency that would allow him to unlock funding and manpower to build the wall without congressional approval. The House of Representatives, now under Democratic control, has refused to allocate funds for the long promised barrier.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called the wall an “immorality.”

The president is known to watch the “Fox & Friends” and from time to time its hosts look straight into the camera to address him directly. Trump has been a regular guest on the show going back to 2011 and still calls in from the White House to vent in marathon monologues.

In recent weeks “Fox & Friends” has emerged as a frequent critic of the president on a range of issues. In December, Kilmeade laced into Sarah Sanders over the president’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, going so far as to accuse Trump of having “refounded ISIS.”

“Sarah, he’s giving Russia a big win, Vladimir Putin praised him. He’s also doing exactly what he criticized President Obama for doing. He said President Obama was the founder of ISIS. He just refounded ISIS,” Kilmeade said. “They got 30,000 men there and they’re already striking back with our would-be evacuation. The president, he’s really on the griddle with this.”