Fox Hit With Lawsuit Over ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’

Novelty song from 1985 finds new life in the court system

super bowl shuffle

Hey, remember “The Super Bowl Shuffle”? It’s back — in lawsuit form.

The 1985 novelty hit featuring players from the Chicago Bears football team has found new currency in the legal system, via a lawsuit filed against various Fox entities, including Fox Sports Interactive Media and Fox News Network.

The suit was filed in federal court in Illinois on Monday by Red Label Music Publishing and Red Label’s marketing agent, Renaissance Marketing Corporation.

Alleging copyright infringement, Red Label and Renaissance say that they’re suing “for reproduction, display and performance of substantial portions of the words, music, sound recording, and music video without permission from Red Label and Renaissance despite the Fox companies’ knowledge that Red Label and Renaissance owned rights that were being infringed.”

Specifically, among the alleged infringements, the lawsuit says that Fox News Network reproduced “substantial portions of the Shuffle sound recording, word, and music” and made the excerpts available via live telecast and the web.

According to the suit, after becoming aware of the alleged infringements in 2016, Red Label and Renaissance, their attorney notified a Fox attorney of them in writing, “but all the infringement continued for a substantial period of time thereafter on the websites shown above.”

The suit is asking that the defendants be blocked from using the “Super Bowl Shuffle” elements, and estimates damages to be ” in excess of” $1 million.

A Fox spokesperson had no comment for TheWrap on the lawsuit.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.