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Fox Moves to Subscription TV Show Streaming

Those who aren’t enrolled in participating pay services will have to wait eight days after a show airs to watch it online

Missed the latest episode of "The Simpsons" and want to check it out online the next day? Starting on August 15, you'll be able to  — but you'll need to subscribe to a cable or satellite service.

Fox announced Tuesday that next-day streaming of its TV shows on Fox.com and Hulu.com will be offered exclusively to TV service subscribers. 

Those who don't subscribe to a participating pay service will have to wait until eight days after the initial airdate to access the content online.


Cable and satellite subscribers will be required to submit the user names and passwords in order to access the content.

So far, Dish Network is the only service signed on for the upcoming plan, though Fox is actively seeking out other participants in the cable, satellite and possibly mobile realms.

According to Fox Networks' president, affiliate sales and marketing Michael Hopkins, the shift is part of an "ongoing effort to provide our pay television distributors with content and products that enhance the value of pay television to subscribers."