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Fox News Can’t Quit the Clintons, Announces ‘Scandalous’ Docu-Series About 1998 Impeachment

New series will follow a different political scandal each season, starting with the Monica Lewinsky saga

Fox News is continuing to devote its airtime to the Clintons, announcing on Tuesday a new docu-series called “Scandalous,” which will look at different political scandals through history will start with a look at the 1998 impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton.

The hourlong, seven-part series will premiere this Sunday, Jan. 21 — 20 years to the day after the Washington Post reported Monica Lewinsky’s account that she and President Clinton had a sexual relationship, prompting an investigation by Kenneth Starr and his team of independent counsels. (Journalist Matt Drudge broke the story on Jan. 17 1998.) Interviews with Starr will be featured in the series, along with Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham; Susan McDougal, who served prison time for contempt and fraud related to the Whitewater controversy; and Linda Tripp, who secretly recorded her conversations with Lewinsky about the latter’s relationship with Clinton.

The first episode will focus on Starr’s investigation, and will be narrated by actor Bruce McGill. The show will feature interviews with over 45 people connected to the Lewinsky saga, along with never-before-seen photos. Long-term, “Scandalous” is aiming to become an anthology docu-series akin to FX’s “American Crime Story,” examining a different famous scandal each season.

“Scandalous” airs Sundays at 8 p.m.