Fox News ‘Couldn’t Resist’ Mocking MSNBC’s New Ads

The network released two promos based on MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” ad campaign

Last Updated: October 20, 2010 @ 4:27 PM

A spokesperson for Fox News said the network "couldn't resist" creating a pair of promos that poke fun at MSNBC's new branding campaign.

MSNBC launched its comprehensive branding initiative Oct. 11 with a series of commercials directed by Oscar winner Spike Lee that focus on the slogan "Lean Forward." The "Lean Forward" initiative is MSNBC's largest ad campaign ever.

A little over a week after MSNBC's new ads debuted, Fox rolled out two promos that not-so-subtly mocked the "Lean Forward" spots with a pointed closing line:

"In this country, we don't stand still, we don't lean, we move forward."

An MSNBC spokesperson told the New York Times that the network was "glad" Fox responded to its new ads.

“This is exactly what we set out to do: create a national conversation to move the country forward. We’re thrilled Fox News has decided to join us,” the MSNBC rep said. 

Fox, which is the most-watched cable news network, is clearly more interested in teasing its ratings-challenged rivals than participating in any kind of national conversation. A Fox spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap that the "Move Forward" promos were intended to mock MSNBC.

While they were at it, the Fox rep also took the opportunity to get in a jab at CNN. 

"Their [MSNBC's] spots were so unfocused, we couldn't resist….and hey, someone needs to help CNN get out of the ditch!," the Fox spokesperson said.