Fox News’ Dick Morris: Iowa Caucus Is Won on ‘Fox & Friends’ Couch

The former adviser to Bill Clinton becomes the latest to chime in on the national media primary

Add former Clinton adviser Dick Morris to the list of people who think that the Republican nomination is won on Fox News.

Morris, a Fox regular, appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning to discuss the rise of Newt Gingrich in the race for the GOP nomination.

He pointed to a certain phenomenon he has noticed – “You don’t win Iowa in Iowa.You win it on this couch. You win it on Fox News. You win it in the debates,” Morris said.

Here's the video (post continues after):

Morris is far from the first person to make this judgment.

There is a growing sentiment that a national media primary has subverted the traditional state-by-state primary system.

TheWrap wrote about the influence the debates have had on the race back in November and the New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny recently wrote about the candidates taking their campaigns on Fox News rather than to the states themselves. Similar stories abound.

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While the “Fox & Friends” crew made light of Morris’ comment – it is a morning show – note that none of them rejected the idea.

While those on the left debate the notion of Fox News as a political organization and those on the right (and at Fox) reject that notion outright, it is hard to believe either side would question its influence on the elections.

Michael D. Shear of the Times just wrote a post about Gingrich's overwhelming popularity amongst Fox viewers. And who has been surging in the polls of late?

It is no wonder that when media-averse Mitt Romney booked his first Sunday talk show appearance since announcing his candidacy, it was on Fox.