Fox News’ Ed Henry Calls Donation of 30% of His Liver to His Sister ‘an Absolute Miracle’ (Video)

“We’re not done yet, you know, there’s going to be a long road ahead,” network’s chief national correspondent tells “Fox & Friends”

Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry called into “Fox & Friends” Saturday, saying surgery in which a 30% of his liver was transplanted into his sister Colleen Tuesday was “an absolute miracle.”

“I’ve still got some aches and pains but it’s really not a big deal because it’s — we’ve succeeded in victory I think, in winning our goal, which is to get my sister healthy,” he said from his hospital bed.

One day out of ICU, Henry said both his and his sister’s vitals are good, and she is on her way to wellness. “We’re not done yet, you know, there’s going to be a long road ahead,” he added. “This was a major, major operation for each of us, but longer and harder for her.”

Henry said that considering what his sister went through, her recovery thus far has been a miracle.

“The best thing is the surgeon, we each had our own surgeons,” he said. “And her surgeon said that as soon as he got the 30 percent of my liver and put it in her, it immediately started working, immediately. It’s just a miracle, an absolute miracle.”

Henry said he hopes to leave the hospital soon is grateful for the thoughts and prayers from Fox viewers.

“The prayers that we’re feeling … I can’t thank everyone personally, I want to thank everybody now. You’ve been amazing. I totally underestimated the outpouring,”

You can see Henry’s call-in to “Fox & Friends” above or by clicking here.