Fox News’ Ed Henry Grills EPA Chief in Brutal Interview (Video)

“If you’re committed to the Trump agenda, why did you go around the president and the White House,” Henry asks Scott Pruitt

Fox News reporter Ed Henry went off the usual Fox News script Wednesday after grilling EPA chief Scott Pruitt on air.

Henry pressed Pruitt over a decision at the EPA to dole out pay increases to his friends even though they were previously rejected by the White House when Pruitt initially requested them.

“If you’re committed to the Trump agenda, why did you go around the president and the White House to give pay raises to two staffers?” Henry demanded.

“I did not. My staff did. I found out about that yesterday and I changed it. I issued a statement yesterday walking back those pay raises that should not have been done,” said Pruitt.

Henry pressed on, noting that the individuals singled out for pay increases were friends of Pruitt from his native Oklahoma and brought up the median American income to drive home the point.

“Both of these staffers who got these large pay raises are friends of yours — I believe from Oklahoma, right. They’re friends of yours,” said Henry. “One of them got a pay raise of $28,000 the other was $56,000 do you know what the median income in this country is? $57,000 a year. So one of your friends from Oklahoma got a pay raise that’s the median income.”

It wasn’t a good moment for Pruitt who was left insisting that there was, in fact, no pay raise because he reversed it. Pruitt is also facing criticism for staying in a pricey D.C. rental for $50 a night — well below its market value.

Media reports in recent days have concluded that Pruitt’s days in D.C. are numbered. At the White House press briefing Wednesday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders declined to offer much support.

“We take this seriously and we’re looking into it, and we’ll let you know when we’re finished.”

Watch above.