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Fox News’ Hemmer Worries Cancel Culture Will Come After ‘Bible Characters’ Next

The Fox News anchor made the remark during a discussion of monuments under review in Illinois

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer is worried that if what he sees as cancel culture can come for historical monuments, it may eventually come for Biblical figures.

On Friday, the network anchor was co-hosting a segment on the various historical monuments under review in Chicago, including a handful of statues honoring former President Abraham Lincoln.

“If they start canceling American presidents, they’ll come after Bible characters next. Mark my words,” Hemmer warned.

While observers on Twitter unsurprisingly roasted Hemmer’s remarks about canceling the Bible, his comments were more warmly received on air, with his fellow Fox Newsers also sounding off on so-called cancel culture.

After explaining what’s happening in Illinois, reporter Carley Shimkus mused, “You have to wonder: Are we in a transition period in our country right now where our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, might not think of these people the way we do? They might not be taught in the same way we know them now. I say more statue, not less and not fewer. More opinions. More ideas, not less.”

Online, there were some jokes about Judas being the original victim of cancel culture, as well as more serious critiques of Hemmer’s choice to refer to people in the Bible as “characters.”

See a clip from the Fox News segment below.