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Fox News Analyst Slams Hillary Clinton’s Support of ’94 Crime Bill: ‘Modern-Day Slavery’ (Video)

Gianno Caldwell has some tough words for the former senator and Secretary of State

Newly minted Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell took the stage bright and early on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to level a scathing charge against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Caldwell accused the former Senator and Secretary of State of advocating “modern-day slavery” as a result of her support for the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act — often just known as “the crime bill.”

“Hillary Rodham Clinton is responsible for advocating modern-day slavery,” he said. “The ’94 crime bill, which many have mentioned led to the over-criminalization of African Americans.”

Caldwell then went on to cite a number of talking points about incarceration and recidivism rates that might have had some regular “Fox & Friends” viewers scratching their heads and wondering if a Bernie Bro had infiltrated the set.

The 1994 crime bill had overwhelming bipartisan support at the time, passing the House in a voice vote and in the Senate by 95-4. President Bill Clinton signed it into law. At the time, his wife, Hillary, held no official government position other than first lady.

Caldwell went mega-viral after an emotional appearance on “Fox & Friends” in August when he blasted President Trump for his response to the neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left a woman dead.

“The very moral fabric in which we have made progress when it comes to race relations in America. He has failed us,” said Caldwell at the time. “Mr. President, good people don’t pile around with Nazis and white supremacists.”

Shortly after that appearance, Caldwell was officially signed as a Fox News political analyst.

With “Fox & Friends” now regular viewing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it remains to be seen whether the Clinton slavery narrative filters up to the presidential Twitter feed.