Fox News Host Awkwardly Backtracks After Calling George Clooney Gay (Video)

“The Five’s” Eric Bolling clarifies that he was kidding (twice!) after brazenly calling George Clooney gay

Eric Bolling

Here’s a lesson in media ethics, courtesy of Fox News’ Eric Bolling: do not make unconfirmed claims about George Clooney‘s sexuality.

Bolling was chatting away with his co-hosts Monday on “The Five” about Clooney’s engagement to Amal Alamuddin (and tying it into a study that claims that marriage leads to depression) when he brazenly called Clooney gay.

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“It’s clear, though. George Clooney‘s gay,” Bolling says, which is immediately followed with an audible gasp from one of his co-hosts. “Let me explain. For all the ladies out there who think he’s amazing, just admit it. He’s gay or he’s married, just get over it, move on.”

Obviously producers behind the scenes had an issue with Bolling’s statement, because he had to apologize not once, but twice almost immediately after the claim.

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“They want me to point out that I was kidding about Clooney being gay,” Bolling says, before butting in after the commercial break to reiterate that he was kidding and to “clarify the clarification.”

Watch the video: