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Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Worries Immigrants From Mexico Might Be Alcoholics (Video)

”SNL“ writers just got a big gift for Easter weekend

Sometimes life imitates art so on-the-nose-ly you wonder if it’s a bit. That’s precisely the case with Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro, who on Friday during the network’s show “The Five” went on a rant about undocumented immigrants from Mexico that feels like she’s practically daring Cecily Strong to whip out her impression of Pirro on the next episode of “SNL.”

Specifically, among other things Pirro sounded rather worried about the possibility that people coming into the country from Mexico might be alcoholics. No, seriously.

“[Biden] is opening up the borders to people we don’t even vet. We don’t know who among them is a criminal, who among them is a pedophile, who’s an alcoholic, who likes children, who is convicted of murder, who’s a Latin King. Don’t we have a right to know that?” Pirro asked.

Now a couple of things. First, no, actually, we *don’t* have the “right” to know if someone is an alcoholic, whether they’re American or Mexican. Second, the claim Biden has “opened up the border” is very inaccurate. All he’s done is say he wants to restore the border crossing rules to their pre-pandemic status quo. He has not proposed any relaxation of how we have vetted people for decades.

And also, A) being an alcoholic is absolutely not actually a crime, and B) it’s actually unconstitutional to use alcoholism, a medical problem, as a basis to deny someone entry or deport them later.

But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because of Cecily Strong, whose entire impersonation of Pirro amounts to basically leaning in on the idea that Pirro is constantly drunk. That of course comes from several incidents on Pirro’s show that a lot people sure thought seemed like she might have been intoxicated.

Of course, to be absolutely clear Pirro has denied she has ever been drunk on her show, but we know she’s aware of the jokes they make on “SNL.” So we think this might be bait. In any case, we hope our readers understand that alcoholism is not a crime nor is it a reason to deny someone entry into the United States.