Fox News’ Jesse Watters Admits: ‘I Wanna See Disarray on the Left’ Because ‘It’s Good for Our Ratings’ (Video)

Watters’ “inner voice” made its way out

“The Five” cohost Jesse Watters said exactly what was on his mind on Monday’s show, admitting that he likes the bickering within the Democratic party because the “disarray” is good for Fox News ratings.

The discussion was about how many progressives aren’t happy with some of the decisions President Biden has made when attempting to move forward his agenda on voting rights, the Green New Deal, Build Back Better and social spending.

“But he’s met them halfway. He’s given them open borders and reckless spending. They’re still not happy,” Watters said. “They want 100% of their agenda. They want total control over your life.”

Not that Watters is sympathetic to President Biden’s struggle, because he’s not.

“But do I feel sorry for Joe Biden? No. I work at Fox. I wanna see disarray on the left. It’s good for America. It’s good for our ratings,” he casually said with a grin.

Of course, the panel got a good chuckle out of that one.

“I want to see this guy primaried by rich liberals, crazy liberals, so much so that they can hit the threshold to pop the debate so he has to argue with communists about whether they’re going to fund solar-paneled slavery reparations,” Watters smiled.

Which Squad member would Watters like to see go against Biden in a primary? Jeanine Pirro asked. “AOC comes to mind,” he answered.

You can watch the entire segment in the clip above.