Fox News’ Kat Timpf Gets Soaked With Water Before Speech, Goes on Twitter Storm

“I’ve never seen a more disgusting insane cruel climate than the one we’re in now,” Fox News co-host says

Kat Timpf
Fox News

Fox News commentator and “Specialist” co-host Kat Timpf did not hold back her outrage at a person who dumped water on her ahead of a speaking engagement in Brooklyn on Monday.

“I’m at Union Pool in BK, about to speak at my friend ‘s campaign event, a guy walks in, dumps an entire bottle of water on me,” Timpf wrote on Twitter following the soggy incident.

The unidentified man “walks in, clearly here because he knows I’m here, dumps an entire 1.5 liter bottle of water on me, first on my head and then I turn to look and he splashes it directly on my face and runs out. I’m shocked, I’m stunned. I’m obviously upset. I end up not being able to speak because of it. I’ve never seen a more disgusting insane cruel climate than the one we’re in now,” she said.

“Why? What does that accomplish? I guess I wasn’t able to speak so that’s great and I guess he wins, but we’re just randomly assaulting people in public now?” Timpf continued in a string of angry tweets.

Timpf ended up having to cancel her planned speech in support of Ben Kissel as part of the libertarian-leaning podcaster’s campaign to become Brooklyn borough president.

After a very lengthy Twitter description of the incident that spiraled into an analysis of how the world has been enveloped in hatred, she called out Mediaite for saying she “allegedly” had water dumped on her.

“Not ‘allegedly,’ it happened. I have a photo on my phone from security cam footage of the incident. Debating what to do with it, if anything,” she tweeted in response.

See all the tweets below.