Fox News Dragged for Claiming Trump ‘Spent Weekend’ at White House – When He Was at Golf Course

A “news alert” from Fox News on Twitter puts Donald Trump in the White House for the weekend when reports had him traveling to his Virginia golf course on Saturday and Sunday

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Twitter users were all over Fox News with “fake news” claims after the network sent a “news alert” on Twitter stating Donald Trump spent the weekend working at the White House when news reports suggest he traveled to his Virginia golf course on Saturday and Sunday.

The tweet didn’t include a link or a story, just a photo of the White House and a tag for the official @POTUS Twitter handle.

Twitter users, especially journalists, were a bit befuddled by the news alert claiming “@POTUS spending weekend working at the White House.”

According to multiple news reports, Trump had left the White House on Saturday and took meetings at the Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia, just outside the nation’s capital.

And he was there again on Sunday, according to reporters, for a few more meetings, staying about an hour.

What’s more, people at the golf course shared photos on Instagram and Twitter claiming they saw Trump at the course and wearing cleats, casting further shade on Fox’s report.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to descend on Fox, whose on-air opinionators and pundits, such as Sean Hannity, have backed Trump on his many assertions that outlets he doesn’t agree with are “fake news.”

(By contrast, Fox News anchors such as Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace have publicly rebuked Trump for his attacks on journalists.)

Replies to the tweet filled with sarcasm and quite a few “fixes” to make it more accurate.

Fox News wasn’t the only one to suffer ridicule on Twitter.

Trump tweeted angrily about Barack Obama playing golf instead of working many times during Obama’s presidency. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got in on the act too, back in the day.

As the Washington Post reports, Trump has spent one of every three days of his presidency at a Trump property, with some 13 trips to his golf courses since he took the office.

Twitter users jumped all over Spicer and suggested that Trump’s behavior smacked of hypocrisy.