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Fox Sports Detroit Anchors Involved in Physical Altercation With Each Other

Tigers play-by-play anchors Mario Impemba and analyst Rod Allen got into a fight with each other, according to multiple reports

A pair of on-air personalities for Fox Sports Detroit, Mario Impemba and Rod Allen, were involved in a physical altercation with each other, according to multiple reports.

Impemba and Allen, who serve as the on-air broadcast team for the Detroit Tigers, were absent from Wednesday’s telecast due to a fight between the two on Tuesday, The Athletic, which was first to report, said citing multiple sources. The Detroit Free Press added that the altercation between the two was described by at least one person as “severe.”

A representative for both Fox Sports and Fox Sports Detroit did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

It wasn’t clear what caused the dispute, but apparently there has been “simmering tension” between the two, with the personality clash finally reaching a breaking point.

They had managed to form a productive on-air relationship, despite not seeing eye-to-eye for “a long time,” The Athletic reported. But the fight was apparently bad enough that, per The Athletic, the two had to be booked on separate flights back to Detroit following the game in Chicago.

Fill in replacements Matt Shepard and Kirk Gibson had to be brought in at the last-minute to call the game, The Athletic added. The Tigers next game is Friday.