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Fox Sports’ Lawyer: Frank McCourt Abusing the Bankruptcy Process

Richard L. Stone has issued a statement about the Dodgers’ latest suit

If you thought Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt was mad when Major League Baseball wouldn’t let him sign a new TV deal with Fox, you should see what Fox has to say about McCourt trying to stiff them.

McCourt is trying to auction off the rights to increase the value of the team he has agreed to sell. Just one problem: Fox holds those rights — and it has the exclusive right to negotiate through November 2012.

Fox has sued McCourt, McCourt has sued Fox.

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Now Fox’s lawyer Richard L. Stone has released this statement about the Dodgers’ lawsuit: 

“It is supremely ironic that McCourt is once again pointing fingers in order to distract attention from his ongoing scheme to line his pockets at the expense of the Dodgers and their fans. It is clear that the team can be sold at a handsome price that will take care of all creditors without Fox having its rights violated, but McCourt continues to abuse the bankruptcy process in hopes of enriching himself.”

Many Dodger fans were infuriated to find out that McCourt had apparently used the team’s money to finance the extravagant lifestyle he, his wife Jamie and his kids have grown accustomed to.

And Fox seems to think that is a good button to push.