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Fox Sports Wins Court Ruling; Dodgers Can’t Sell TV Rights — Yet

A district court finds bankruptcy court ruling was based on erronoeus findings

This time around Fox Sports beat the Los Angles Dodgers in court. 

U.S. District Court judge Leonard Stark ruled on Friday to grant Fox a stay of a previous ruling in U.S. Bankruptcy Court that permitted the Dodgers to auction off their TV rights.

Stark said the court was likely to conclude that there was at least one "erroneous" finding in the previous ruling. 

The Dodgers had sought to auction the rights to maximize the value of the team, which owner Frank McCourt has promised to sell by April 30.

Fox immediately rejected that decision, claiming it violated it's contract with the team. The existing contract gives Fox exclusive negotiating rights through Nov. 30, 2012.

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The bankruptcy court permitted the Dodgers to sell the rights given the impending sale of the team, saying the exclusivity of the rights did not apply with the team in bankruptcy.

Stark dismissed that notion, ruling that the auctioning of the rights would not determine whether the team emerges from bankruptcy or the sale.

He will hear Fox's appeal Jan. 12.