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Fox, Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Team Up With TinyCo for ‘Family Guy’ Mobile Game

No word on whether or not the currently deceased Brian the dog will make the game (though he probably will)

Twentieth Century Fox and Seth MacFarlane‘s Fuzzy Door Productions are teaming up with developer TinyCo to create a “Family Guy” mobile game for iOS and Android devices.

The app, which will be released next year, will feature an all-new, original story influenced by the show’s 212-episode catalogue as well as current events. What it will not perfectly reflect is any specific, currently airing storyline. That is particularly relevant now as fan favorite Brian the dog died in a recent episode after being hit by a car. The beloved talking bipedal, hard-drinking, womanizing family member was immediately replaced by new family dog, Vinny (Tony Sirico) — though that may even be temporary on the airwaves. We digress.

The game will be a free downloadable and playable app on smartphones — and the developers really only want five minutes of your time at a time, they told TheWrap. These brief gaming interactions are perfectly suited for the mobile platform, whereas console gaming generally requires longer stays of attention.

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TinyCo and 20th Century Fox are banking on the higher engagement level associated with gaming than there is simply from absorbing TV. They’re also banking on literally banking on the game. After all, the companies have to monetize it somehow. They will do so primarily through in-app purchases for a variety of digital goods available through play. That ensures gamers can play through the entire game for free, but to differentiate or speed up the experience, power-up or decorate, they can spend a few real dollars.

In the game, players will be able to adventure throughout the Griffin’s hometown of Quahog, recruiting  — and sometimes confronting — show characters along the way.

Fuzzy Door, Seth MacFarlane‘s production company, is involved directly in the process, with its writers handling the story aspect. While the developer and Fox would not comment on specific characters who will and won’t make the final cut, TinyCo and Fuzzy Door are working to cram as many in as possible.

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“Mobile platforms are a new frontier for engaging with your favorite characters and worlds,” said Rick Phillips, senior vice president at Fox Digital Entertainment. “With more than a decade on the air, ‘Family Guy’ has built a world like no other with some of the most beloved characters in entertainment today. This game will bring the best of the ‘Family Guy’ experience to mobile gamers all over the world.”

“‘Family Guy’ is an amazing show that’s famous for its sharp wit, unpredictable storytelling, and hilarious cast of characters,” added Suli Ali, chief executive offer of TinyCo. “We’re capturing that essence and providing players with an awesome way to get their ‘Family Guy’ fix every day.”

The free-to-play game will be available on iOS and Android devices in 2014.