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Fox’s ’24’ Spinoff in Development to Focus on Younger Male Character

Jack Bauer would weave in and out of the storyline, which would also feature older female agent

Fox’s latest dip into the “24” pool would focus on a younger male agent, according to a new report.

The potential series would feature guest appearances by Jack Bauer, but center on the new protagonist, who would work alongside an older, more seasoned female agent, TVLine wrote on Monday.

The older agent would not be Yvonne Strahovski‘s Kate Morgan, although she also may appear, Howard Gordon told the publication. Manny Coto and Evan Katz will serve as writers and executive producers of the next installment.

It’s been no secret that Fox has been working on another version of its real-time franchise.

“Manny and Evan and Howard have a great idea for ’24’ that they’ve pitched out to us,” Gary Newman told TheWrap in January, shortly after Dana Walden admitted that the franchise’s next installment may not revolve around Kiefer Sutherland‘s main character. “I think that it probably doesn’t happen fast, because they’re all working on other things, but I think that that is a story that really we’d love to have them tell.”

The new “24” would also launch as a limited series, similar to 2014’s “24: Live Another Day.” That said, anything as successful as last year’s reboot could become a longterm property for the fourth-place network.

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