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Fox’s ‘Animation Domination’ Crossover Postponed Due to Deadly Storms

Trio of intertwined episodes will have to wait until next season, due to extremely bad timing

Fox will delay a hurricane-centered crossover of "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show" because of the tornadoes that have killed hundreds in the South.

The crossover, which was to air Sunday, links the characters of the three Seth MacFarlane shows through a hurricane that tears through the towns where the shows are set. But now the episodes will be broadcast next season, and repeats will run on Sunday.

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"In light of the recent storms that have affected the nation, 'Fox' has decided to postpone the crossover episodes of 'Family Guy,' 'American Dad' and 'The Cleveland Show' that were originally scheduled to air this Sunday," the network said.

The decision to hold off on the episodes came after Fox consulted with MacFarlane and writers from the series.

Last month, because of the nuclear crisis in Japan, an Austrian network reportedly pulled several episodes of "The Simpsons" that contained jokes about nuclear mishaps.