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Fox's 'Bones' Shuts Down; Swine Flu the Cause?

Series star David Boreanaz stricken by illness. Creator Hart Hanson Twitters the news.

Fox's hit drama "Bones" has temporarily shut down production-- due to swine flu!

At least that was the word this morning from series creator, and expert Tweeter, Hart Hanson. He announced Monday on his Twitter feed that "Bones" would not be filming today.

What he didn't write: Series star David Boreanaz is the person out sick.

"First time in Bones history we are shut down from production," Hanson wrote. "Damn swine flu! That's gonna cut into Christmas hiatus."

A 20th Century Fox TV spokesman confirmed that Boreanaz is out sick today and that as a result, filming was suspended today.

But it may not be the H1N1 variety of flu that fell Boreanaz. Hanson followed up with a tweet later Monday saying things were better than first thought.

"Oops!," he wrote. "There is no indication that Boreanaz has swine flu. We expect him back tomorrow. I'm now going out to get swine flu myself in atonement."