Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Teaser: Ben McKenzie Takes on Young Penguin, Catwoman (Video)

Get a look at how the Penguin waddles his way into infamy

How did Batman’s most infamous foes get their start? A new teaser for Fox’s upcoming drama “Gotham” promises to answer that question, offering glimpses of the characters who grow up to become the Penguin, Catwoman and other super-baddies.

“Gotham,” which stars “Southland” alum Ben McKenzie as a young Jim Gordon, will shed light on how DC Comics’ super-baddies got their start — and how Gordon attempts to nip the growing evil in the bud. Robin Taylor, Jada Pinkett Smith and Donal Logue also star.

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The highly anticipated drama premieres in the fall. Until then, enjoy this preview.