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Frank Ocean Drops a ‘Moon River’ Cover and People Are Freaking Out – Listen Here

Surprise Valentine’s Day single would make Frank Sinatra, Aubrey Hepburn and Andy Williams proud

Share the (Hoboken, NJ) sidewalk, Sinatra — there’s a new Frank in town. And Frank Ocean’s “Moon River” is pretty amazing too.

Wait: Frank-Frank, Ocean-“River.” Wow, this single was meant to be.

The R&B singer, rapper and songwriter (that’s Ocean, not Sinatra) just dropped a surprise cover of the tune from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” It’s pretty incredible, and makes for a great belated Valentine’s Day gift.

Listen to Ocean’s version via the YouTube video above.

Here are some choice Twitter reactions to the updated ditty:

Readers can watch Aubrey Hepburn perform the tune in the 1961 classic film here:

While we’re at it, here is Sinatra’s version:

And no, we did not forget about Andy Williams:

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