NY Mag Continues Its Frank Rich Promo Blitz

It’s the former NYT op-ed man’s first week at his new job, but his new employer is pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone knows he’s around

Frank Rich surprised many back in March when he announced that he would be leaving the New York Times to work with former colleague Adam Moss, editor-in chief of New York magazine.

Now it seems Moss is repaying the favor with a mini-promotional blitz for his new hired hand.

First there were the street posters that have gone up around New York City this week,

"Frank Rich: Debut Issue on Sale July 4," read the posters in big red type.

Ad Age, which wrote about this mini-outdoor campaign Monday, didn't have an exact cost estimate as to what New York Mag is paying for it. But as writer Simon Dumenco, a former NY Mag columnist himself, noted, it "ain't cheap."

Then Wednesday, NYmag.com posted a conversation about gay marriage between Rich and Moss as a “kind of trial,” teasing what Moss says will be a weekly point-counterpoint occurrence between the two.

The substance of the conversation is largely particular to New York, and occasionally veers off into both of them just trading personal anecdotes.

However, in addition to promising some surprises in the weeks to come, the transcript also offers one nugget for Rich devotees — he has the cover story in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

Not bad for his first week on the job.