‘Frasier’ Fans Torn Over Possible Reboot Without John Mahoney: ‘I Don’t See the Point’

Actor who played family patriarch Martin Crane died in February at age 77

“Frasier” fans were listening on Wednesday when news broke that the sitcom could be returning — and as it turns out, some of them were choking on those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

Following reports that “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer, who played Dr. Frasier Crane on the beloved comedy from 1993 to 2004, is exploring a potential reboot, fans of the original show offered their thoughts on social media.

While there was no shortage of enthusiasts eager to see a return of the series, others expressed their reservations about the idea.

Of the naysayers, a significant portion felt that any potential reboot would be missing a key component in the form of John Mahoney, who played gruff family patriarch Martin Crane on the original series, and who died in February at age 77.

“Not saying they should be put in prison immediately, but the people proposing bringing Frasier back without John Mahoney should definitely be on trial at the very least,” assessed one commenter.

“Look, I love Frasier. And I mean ADORE that show. But honestly? Without John Mahoney, I don’t see the point,” read another doubtful reaction.

“Frasier minus John Mahoney sounds kind of not great,” went another critique.

Blunter still was another commenter who wrote, “yes I heard abt the frasier reboot, no I am not excited. any version of frasier that does not include martin is 100% dogs–t and they can absolutely keep it.”

There were other reservations not involving the absence of Mahoney from a potential reboot. One commenter seemed to fear that Grammer’s conservative views would be injected into a reboot of the show.

“Sorry to burst any bubbles but a frasier reboot will 100 percent feature at least one episode of fraiser [sic] helping liberals get over ‘trump derangement syndrome,’” the concerned commenter wrote.

Another commenter brought up a number of practical issues with reviving a series that revolved around a psychiatrist-turned-radio host, such as that radio “doesn’t exist anymore” and that “American healthcare doesn’t allow anyone to seek out mental health treatment.”

“My only worry about a FRASIER reboot is that what was essentially a timeless show will go too topical in order to keep up with all the recent developments in opera,” read another reaction.

On the “yay” side of the aisle, there was “FRASIER IS THE ONLY REBOOT NEEDED.”

And also, “This is the greatest news! FRASIER!!” from none other than NBC News personality Megyn Kelly.

An insider with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap that the possible return of Dr. Frasier Crane is in the very early stages.

“Kelsey potentially wants to revive the project hence he is taking meetings with various writers,” the insider said, before cautioning that there’s not even discussions with CBS TV Studios at this point.