Watch Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph Shake up Their Marriage in ‘Forever’ Trailer

The Amazon comedy comes from “Parks and Rec” alums Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard

Everything starts off so well for Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph in the new “Forever” trailer until things take a turn.

The new Amazon comedy series, previously simply known as the “Untitled Fred Armisen/Maya Rudolph comedy series,” follows the comedians as Oscar and June, a married couple who are in a bit of a rut. They’ve been living the suburban dream in Riverside, California, for 12 years, but June feels like there’s more to life and convinces Oscar to take a ski trip — and that’s when things change.

In the trailer above, we get a glimpse into how the couple met and their day-to-day routine. But things quickly go south as we see Rudolph running on a beach, Armisen grabbing a knife, and some sort of crazy bonfire. Let’s just say Rudolph’s June is tired of talking about butterflies.

“Forever” is created by the Emmy-winning writers Alan Yang (“Master of None,” “Parks and Rec”) and Matt Hubbard (“30 Rock,” “Parks and Rec”), and stars Catherine Keener, Noah Robbins and Kym Whitley in addition to Armisen and Rudolph.

Yang and Hubbard executive produce along with Armisen, Rudolph, Tim Sarkes and Dave Becky.

Watch the trailer above.

Season 1 of “Forever” will premiere on Amazon on Sept. 14.