Fred Willard’s Fred Trump Returns From the Dead to Call His Son a ‘Moron’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel has some bad news for the ghost about Trump Steaks

Last Updated: October 4, 2018 @ 7:58 AM

Donald Trump’s late dad, Fred Trump, is in Hell — according to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” at least. On Wednesday, the ghost of our president’s father, played by Fred Willard, visited ABC’s lone late-night show with a message for his boy.

It wasn’t a particularly loving one.

“Listen you little s–t: When you get down here, I’m gonna personally ask my friend Satan — who is a great guy, incidentally. Fantastic guy, one of the finest devils you’ll ever meet,” Willard said. “I’m gonna ask him to hold your feet so close to the Lake of Fire, you’ll be begging for those bone spurs. You’ll be as extra-crispy as one of your Kentucky Fried Chicken thighs.”

Earlier, Willard’s Fred Trump called Donald an “idiot” and a “moron.” Yeah, he wasn’t happy to learn about the fates of Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines and pretty much all of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Insert your own comment here about the current state of the American union.

“That lowly little jack-o-lantern came out screwy and it’s been a total s–t-show ever since,” Willard told Jimmy Kimmel while floating about in character.

You certainly don’t have to tell us about that, Fred(s).

Watch the video above.