Freddie Wong Debuts Trailer for New Season of ‘Video Game High School’ (Video)

The first season drew more than 50 million views

The nerds are back for another year of training in Season 2 of “Video Game High School,” the web series set in a world where button-mashing is the most popular sport. 

Creators Freddie Wong, Matthew Arnold, Will Campos and Brian Firenzi debuted the trailer for the upcoming season on and YouTube Thursday.

In the first season, Josh Blaylock stars as a gamer who dreams of becoming elite. The plot of the second season remains under wraps, Wong told TheWrap in February that the new season would delve further into the world of his gaming school — a la “Harry Potter.” 

The show has amassed more than 50 millions views. Wong raised more than $800,000 for production on its sophomore season, which includes six TV-length episodes starting July 25.

Watch the trailer here: