Freeform Is Bleeping Out Women Saying ‘Sorry’ for International Women’s Day (Video)

As Demi Lovato says: “Baby, I’m sorry I’m not sorry”

For International Women’s Day, Freeform wants you to kick cultural stereotypes to the curb.

The network is highlighting the fact that women are expected to be demure and apologetic — even when they didn’t do anything worth apologizing for. To combat this stereotype, Freeform will bleep all women saying “sorry” on March 8.

“Women should not be sorry for asking for equal rights or equal pay,” the network said in its #NotSorry campaign video’s YouTube description. “Women should not be sorry for seeking justice, speaking out against harassment or asking for gender parity.”

The video opens with a scene from “The Bold Type,” featuring head editor Jacquelyn telling her writer, “Don’t say ‘I’m sorry’ when you have nothing to apologize for.”

“In observance of International Women’s Day, no woman will say ‘I’m sorry’,” the campaign video says in a robotic femme voice.

The video then launches into scenes from popular shows like “The Bold Type,” “Grown-ish,” “Shadowhunters,” and “The Fosters” where women are saying “sorry” with the apology bleeped out and a big censored bar over their mouths complete with the hashtag #NotSorry.

Check out the video above, and remember Jacquelyn’s advice.