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‘Frequency’ Epilogue: Raimy and Frank’s Fates Revealed (Video)

The CW has given closure to fans of the canceled freshman drama in the form of an online short

The CW has given closure to one of its canceled dramas, releasing an epilogue for freshman drama “Frequency” online.

The three-minute clip featuring Riley Smith and Peyton List as father and daughter Frank and Raimy Sullivan wraps up the major throughline of the first season.

After Frank in 1996 fixes his ham radio and manages to contact Raimy — in 2016 — again, they confirm that their collaboration across time got the Nightingale for good, as the serial killer died in prison and never killed another nurse.

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More importantly, they finally address the elephant in the room that’s existed over the course of the season. Frank is supposed to die in a car accident in 2011, and Raimy finally bites the bullet and tells him the date, imploring him to stay inside that day.

Before he can reply, the ham radio fizzles out, seemingly for good this time. Did he get the message?

View the epilogue here.