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‘Frequency’ Finale Recap: One Last Confrontation With the Nightingale

Have Raimy and Frank managed to stop the serial killer once and for all?

Raimy and Frank prepare for one more confrontation with the serial killer they’ve been chasing all season, in the Season 1 finale of “Frequency.”

As the CW’s “cross-time communication” show wraps up its first season, Raimy (Peyton List) in 2016 had just discovered her mom Julie (Devin Kelley) had returned, meaning that at some point in the past, her father Frank (Riley Smith) had managed to put a stop to the Nightingale, the serial killer who had taken Julie’s life in the original timeline.

The cross-time father-daughter duo thought it was because they put the Nightingale behind bars, but as we discovered last week, the real serial killer is actually his son Robbie, who still walks free.

In 2016, the now grown up Robbie Wolamck (David Lipper) appears to be showing up in Raimy’s life in a way that’s freaking her out. It prompts her to ask her dad in 1996 to visit the younger Robbie and his sister Meghan (Britt McKillip) just to make sure everything is airtight in regards to their dad’s trial.

Unfortunately, Frank’s visit shakes Robbie, prompting him to confess the truth to Meghan — right before he kills her.

The butterfly-effect rules of the universe are starting to play out fast and furious at this point, as Julie in present day goes from talking about Meghan as her patient to asking “Who’s Meghan?” mid-conversation with Raimy.

Frank and Raimy finally realize Robbie is the Nightingale, and a frantic action sequence unfolds as Robbie lures Frank away, shows up at Julie’s house with a gun — and inevitably shoots at the ham radio, seemingly destroying Frank and Raimy’s only line of communication.

However, as Frank races to the scene and a shootout unfolds, Raimy returns to the house in 2016 and discovers that Julie is still around, Daniel (Daniel Bonjour) is still her fiance, and maybe things all worked out after all.

Until we pan outside, and reveal Robbie still lurking.

“Frequency” has not yet been renewed for Season 2 and is considered a bubble show. At least we’re leaving Raimy on a relatively happy place. Just in case.

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